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Cute Halloween Fabric at JoAnn's

Cute Halloween Fabric at JoAnn's

Hubby and I took a drive to Pittsburgh PA today...about an hour away.  It was a pretty day, not too hot...only in the low 80's...and the sun was shining brightly, so it was a lovely day for a drive.  Did some shopping, then went out to eat...hit the Chinese buffet in Washington PA, and as always I ate way too much.  I never eat the rice though...takes up too much room in my tumtum that I need for all the yummy stuff you put on top of the rice.  The chicken with broccoli is always a must for me, as well as a couple of crab rangoons and the garlic green beans...even though my breath pays the price for those garlic beans for's all worth it...heeeheee :-)

After dinner we hit a few more home décor stores...we're still trying to decorate the new house...we've been here a year now.  It's not a new was built in 1940, and I'm doing more of a farmhouse décor this time around.  The living room is done, the kitchen and bath still need some finishing touches of décor, but the bedrooms are going to need the wallpaper stripped and some tlc...the wallpaper is just plain ugly and the woodwork needs repainted something fierce.  One nice thing however, is that the bedrooms have refinished hardwood oak floors that are at least we won't have to touch those.

My final excitement for the day was stopping by JoAnn Fabrics before we headed home.  Seasonal fabrics are my favorite...they just make me so happy and get me excited for the upcoming holidays.  Of course I was checking out the Halloween fabrics...the witch one I just fell in love with...soooo cute!!!  They also have cute turkey fabric I know I'll have to go back and get...and the Christmas...I was picturing so many Raggedy Annie's in my head dressed in all those different candy cane and snowman prints :-) 

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