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Update your Adobe Reader

I try to supply info in case any of our customers ever run into any issues with their pdf epattern files.  99% of the time, everything runs peachy keen and there are no problems.  Occasionally however, at least 2 or 3 times a month, we'll get a customer whose epattern just won't print.  The other epatterns they purchased printed just fine, but they have this one that is being a boogar and just won't print.  

I do a lot of internet searching on the matter, and I know my customers don't like to hear it, but it usually is due to the computer or device...please realize that 5 other people have purchased that very same file that day and had no problems with it at all.  I did run across a site last night...I'll post the link below...that explains how Adobe Reader needing to be updated can cause pdf's to print random blank pages.

As always, you can email with with any questions or concerns about your orders and epattern files...I usually get back to you within 24 hours, and am always willing to help resolve any issues :-)

CLICK HERE for pdf tutorial on printing blank pages.

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