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Cute Halloween Fabric at JoAnn's

Cute Halloween Fabric at JoAnn's

Hubby and I took a drive to Pittsburgh PA today...about an hour away.  It was a pretty day, not too hot...only in the low 80's...and the sun was shining brightly, so it was a lovely day for a drive.  Did some shopping, then went out to eat...hit the Chinese buffet in Washington PA, and as always I ate way too much.  I never eat the rice though...takes up too much room in my tumtum that I need for all the yummy stuff you put on top of the rice.  The chicken with broccoli is always a must for me, as well as a couple of crab rangoons and the garlic green beans...even though my breath pays the price for those garlic beans for's all worth it...heeeheee :-)

After dinner we hit a few more home décor stores...we're still trying to decorate the new house...we've been here a year now.  It's not a new was built in 1940, and I'm doing more of a farmhouse décor this time around.  The living room is done, the kitchen and bath still need some finishing touches of décor, but the bedrooms are going to need the wallpaper stripped and some tlc...the wallpaper is just plain ugly and the woodwork needs repainted something fierce.  One nice thing however, is that the bedrooms have refinished hardwood oak floors that are at least we won't have to touch those.

My final excitement for the day was stopping by JoAnn Fabrics before we headed home.  Seasonal fabrics are my favorite...they just make me so happy and get me excited for the upcoming holidays.  Of course I was checking out the Halloween fabrics...the witch one I just fell in love with...soooo cute!!!  They also have cute turkey fabric I know I'll have to go back and get...and the Christmas...I was picturing so many Raggedy Annie's in my head dressed in all those different candy cane and snowman prints :-) 

Update your Adobe Reader

I try to supply info in case any of our customers ever run into any issues with their pdf epattern files.  99% of the time, everything runs peachy keen and there are no problems.  Occasionally however, at least 2 or 3 times a month, we'll get a customer whose epattern just won't print.  The other epatterns they purchased printed just fine, but they have this one that is being a boogar and just won't print.  

I do a lot of internet searching on the matter, and I know my customers don't like to hear it, but it usually is due to the computer or device...please realize that 5 other people have purchased that very same file that day and had no problems with it at all.  I did run across a site last night...I'll post the link below...that explains how Adobe Reader needing to be updated can cause pdf's to print random blank pages.

As always, you can email with with any questions or concerns about your orders and epattern files...I usually get back to you within 24 hours, and am always willing to help resolve any issues :-)

CLICK HERE for pdf tutorial on printing blank pages.

Did you know???

Did you know that you need to clear your cache / history on your PC and Adobe reader periodically?  Yes, those cookies get all mixed up and jammed together, and can cause printing errors when trying to print your PDF files.  If the PDF encounters an error, no matter how many times you try, it will never print properly until you clear out that cache/history and reset/restart your device...because it keeps reading the same error over and over again.  The system needs purged of all those jumbled up cookies and a clean start to be able to properly read your file and print.  So next time you get a PDF error, don't get discouraged and think your file is probably just need a clean up of your system.  Google how to "clear cache" or "clear history"'ll be back up and running smoothly in only a few minutes.

PDF printing from Mobile Devices

Happy Wednesday!!!  

Just wanted to drop a quick note about mobile devices and our PDF epatterns.  Be sure to Google the step by step instructions for downloading and printing from your specific mobile device if that's what you're using instead of a PC.  I get lots of emails that epatterns won't print from your iPhone, iPad, tablet, etc...but they really DO...yay!!!  There are some awesome and informative sites with step by step instructions to get you on the right track with your mobile devices...just google "printing pdf from" then add your specific mobile device in the search. 

Piggy Sue...finished listed in our Etsy shop

Piggy Sue...finished listed in our Etsy shop

"Piggy Sue"...the finished now listed in our Etsy shop. She is the model used for our Piggy Sue the one to own the original handmade by Chestnut Junction that adorns all the epatterns!!! Free USA shipping on this sweet gal :-) (USA sales only...we don't ship outside of the USA...sorry)

Click here for PIGGY SUE finished doll listing.