Chestnut Junction primitive doll, craft, sewing, stitchery and embroidery ePatterns

Thanksgiving & Fall

Primitive Thanksgiving and Fall Epatterns by Chestnut Junction

View all acorn acorn bowl filler acorn epattern acorn ornie acorn pattern autumn bowl filler bowl filler epattern bowl filler pattern boy chestnut junction corn epattern corn pattern country doll craft epattern craft pattern crafts crafts pattern crow crow bowl filler crow doll crow epattern crow ornie crow pattern doll doll epattern doll pattern epattern fake food epattern fake food pattern fall fall doll fall epattern fall pattern flattie food epattern food pattern girl halloween halloween crafts halloween doll halloween epattern halloween ornie halloween pattern harves harvest harvest epattern harvest pattern holiday doll holiday epattern holiday pattern indian indian bowl filler indian doll indian epattern indian ornie indian pattern leaf leaf bowl filler leaf epattern leaf ornie leaf pattern leaves leaves epattern leaves pattern man ornament ornie ornie epattern ornie pattern pilgri pilgrim pilgrim bowl biller pilgrim bowl filler pilgrim doll pilgrim epattern pilgrim ornie pilgrim pattern pilgrim sitter primitive primitive acorn primitive bowl filler primitive corn primitive crafting primitive crafts primitive crow primitive doll primitive doll pattern primitive epattern primitive fall primitive halloween primitive harvest primitive indian primitive leaf primitive leaves primitive pattern primitive pilgrim primitive pumpkin primitive rag doll primitive ragdoll primitive scarecrow primitive sunflower primitive thanksgiving primitive turkey pumpkin pumpkin bowl filler pumpkin epattern pumpkin ornie pumpkin pattern rag doll ragdoll scare crow scarecrow scarecrow doll scarecrow epattern scarecrow pattern squirrel squirrel bowl fillers squirrel ornies squirrels sunflower sunflower epattern sunflower patern sunflower pattern tag thanks giving doll thanksgiving thanksgiving bowl filler thanksgiving doll thanksgiving epatten thanksgiving epattern thanksgiving ornie thanksgiving pattern thanksgiving turkey turkey turkey bowl filler turkey doll turkey epattern turkey ornie turkey pattern white woman wreath wreath epattern wreath pattern