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View all angel angel doll angel epattern angel pattern angel softie animal epattern animal pattern art barn barnyard black black cat black cat epattern black rabbit black witch bowl bowl filler epattern bowl filler pattern broom bunny rabbit candy corn candy corn doll candy corn epattern candy corn pattern cat cat bowl filler cat doll cat epattern cat ornie cat pattern cat softie chestnut chestnut junction chic chick chicken country cow craft craft epattern craft pattern doll doll epattern e-pattern easter easter bowl filler easter bunny easter doll easter epattern easter ornie easter pattern easter plushie easter rabbit easter sitter epattern fall farm farmhouse filler flying folk fruit ghost ghost bowl filler ghost epattern ghost ornie ghost pattern halloween halloween bowl filler halloween cat halloween craft halloween crafts halloween decoration halloween doll halloween epattern halloween mouse halloween ornie halloween pattern halloween pumpkin halloween softie halloween witch hand handmade Heart highland holiday holiday doll holiday epattern holiday pattern homespun house ice jack jack epattern jack o lantern jack pattern junction lamb lemon market Moo mouse mouse epattern mouse pattern mouse softie october ornament ornie epattern pattern peep plush plushie Poke primitive primitive angel primitive candy corn primitive cat primitive cat epattern primitive cat pattern primitive christmas primitive crafting primitive crafts primitive doll primitive doll pattern primitive easter primitive epattern primitive ghost primitive halloween primitive hallowen primitive jack primitive mouse primitive pattern primitive pumpikin primitive pumpkin primitive rabbit primitive sewing primitive sheep primitive spring primitive valentine primitive winter primitive witch primitive witch doll pumpkin pumpkin doll pumpkin epattern pumpkin head pumpkin pattern pumpkin softie pumpkin witch rabbit rabbit bowl filler rabbit doll rabbit epattern rabbit make do rabbit makedo rabbit ornie rabbit pattern rabbit sitter rabbit sofite rabbit softie rat red scary sewing sewing epattern sewing pattern shabby sheep sheep doll sheep epattern sheep pattern sheep softie skates spook spring spring epattern Strawberry valentine valentine bowl filler valentine epattern valentine ornie valentine pattern vintage whimsy winter winter epattern winter pattern witch witch bowl filler witch doll witch epattern witch head witch ornie witch pattern witch softie yellow