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Primitive patterns for Christmas, Valentines, St. Patrick's, Easter, July 4th & Patriotic, Halloween & Fall, Thanksgiving, Autumn, Snowman, Scarecrow and Santa.

View all acorn acorn bowl filler acorn epattern acorn ornie acorn pattern america americana americana doll americana epattern americana pattern andy angel angel bowl filler angel doll angel epattern angel ornie angel pattern angle animal epattern animal pattern ann ann doll anne annie annie doll annie epattern annie pattern april arrow autumn banner banner epattern bat bat bowl filler bat epattern bat ornie bat pattern berry berry epattern berry pattern bird black cat black cat epattern black cat witch black doll black pattern black rabbit black santa black witch blue bone bones boot boot epattern boot pattern bow bowl filler bowl filler epattern bowl filler pattern boy boy doll bulb bulb pattern bunny bunny doll bunny epattern bunny ornie bunny pattern bunny rabbit bunny softie candies candle candle epattern candle pattern candles candy candy cane candy cane bowl filler candy cane epattern candy cane ornie candy cane pattern candy corn candy corn bowl filler candy corn doll candy corn epattern candy corn ornie candy corn pattern candycane candycane epattern candycane pattern cane cape carrot carrot bowl filler carrot epattern carrot onie carrot ornie carrot pattern cat cat bowl filler cat doll cat epattern cat ornie cat pattern chestnut chestnut junction chick chick bowl filler chick epattern chick ornie chick pattern chicken chicks christmas christmas bowl filler christmas bulb christmas candle christmas cookie christmas craft christmas crafts christmas doll christmas door hanger christmas elf christmas epattern christmas ornament christmas ornie christmas pattern christmas reindeer christmas santa christmas snowman claus claus epattern claus pattern cloth cloth doll clover colonial doll corn epattern corn pattern country annie country crafts country doll country snowman craft craft epattern craft pattern crafts crafts pattern crow crow bowl filler crow doll crow epattern crow ornament crow ornie crow pattern crown ornie cupid cute cute annie Day decor decoration digital doll doll bowl filler doll epattern doll ornie doll pattern door hanger door hanger epattern door hanger pattern download dracula dracula doll dracula epattern dracula pattern e-pattern eagg easter easter bowl filler easter bunny easter carrot easter chick easter crafts easter doll easter egg easter eggs easter epattern easter garland easter ornie easter pattern easter plushie easter rabbit easter sitter easter softie egg egg bowl filler egg epattern egg ornie egg pattern eggs eggs epattern eggs pattern elf elf bowl filler elf doll elf epattern elf ornie elf pattern elves epattern fake food epattern fake food pattern fall fall doll fall epattern fall pattern February February 14 flag flower flower epattern flower pattern food epattern food pattern frank frankenstein doll frankenstein epattern frankenstein pattern frog ghost ghost bowl filler ghost doll ghost epattern ghost ornie ghost pattern ghost pillow ghost stitchery ginger ginger bread ginger bread epattern ginger bread pattern gingerbread gingerbread cookie gingerbread epattern gingerbread man gingerbread ornie gingerbread pattern green halloween halloween annie halloween bat halloween bones halloween boot halloween bowl filler halloween cat halloween cat epattern halloween cat pattern halloween craft halloween crafts halloween decoration halloween doll halloween door hanger halloween epattern halloween frog halloween mouse halloween ornie halloween pattern halloween pumpkin halloween skeleton halloween softie halloween witch halo hand made raggedy hand made santa handmade handmade snowman harves harvest harvest epattern harvest pattern head heart heart bowl filler heart doll heart epattern heart head heart head doll heart in hand heart ornie heart pattern holiday holiday doll holiday epattern holiday pattern holly holly berry hollyberry ice indian indian bowl filler indian doll indian epattern indian ornie indian pattern irish irish bowl filler irish ornie jack jack epattern jack o lantern jack pattern july july 4 july 4th junction justice lady liberty lady liberty epattern lady liberty pattern lady libery leaf leaf bowl filler leaf epattern leaf ornie leaf pattern leaves leaves epattern leaves pattern leprechaun leprechaun doll leprechaun epattern leprechaun ornie leprechaun pattern liberty liberty epattern liberty pattern light light epattern light pattern love march mat mouse mouse bowl filler mouse epattern mouse ornie mouse pattern mouse softie needle punch october old doll ornament ornie ornie epattern ornie pattern owl owl bowl filler owl doll owl epattern owl ornie owl pattern patriotic patriotic epattern patriotic pattern pattern pdf peep penguin penguin bowl filler penguin doll penguin epattern penguin ornie penguin pattern pilgri pilgrim pilgrim bowl biller pilgrim bowl filler pilgrim doll pilgrim epattern pilgrim ornie pilgrim pattern pilgrim sitter pin keep pin keep epattern pin keep pattern pineapple sampler pinkeep pinkeep epattern pinkeep pattern plush polka dot pot of gold prairie doll prim snowman primitivce primitive primitive acorn primitive americana primitive angel primitive ann primitive annie primitive black primitive black doll primitive boot primitive bowl filler primitive bunny primitive candle primitive candy cane primitive candy corn primitive carrot primitive cat primitive chick primitive christmas primitive claus primitive corn primitive crafting primitive crafts primitive crow primitive doll primitive doll pattern primitive dracula primitive easter primitive egg primitive eggs primitive elf primitive epattern primitive fall primitive flower primitive frankenstein primitive ghost primitive ginger primitive ginger bread primitive gingerbread primitive halloween primitive hallowen primitive harvest primitive heart primitive heart head primitive hearts primitive indian primitive jack primitive lady primitive leaf primitive leaves primitive leprechaun primitive liberty primitive mouse primitive ornie primitive owl primitive patriotic primitive pattern primitive peep primitive penguin primitive pilgrim primitive pumpikin primitive pumpkin primitive rabbit primitive rabbit make do primitive rag doll primitive ragdoll primitive raggedy primitive raggedy ann primitive reindeer primitive sam primitive sant primitive santa primitive santa doll primitive santa epattern primitive santa pattern primitive scarecrow primitive sewing primitive snowman primitive spider primitive spring primitive star primitive summer primitive sunflower primitive thanksgiving primitive turkey primitive usa primitive valentine primitive winter primitive witch primitive witch doll primitive withc primitive wool pumpkin pumpkin bowl filler pumpkin doll pumpkin epattern pumpkin head pumpkin ornie pumpkin pattern pumpkin sitter pumpkin softie pumpkin witch punch needle rabbit rabbit bowl filler rabbit doll rabbit epattern rabbit make do rabbit makedo rabbit ornie rabbit pattern rabbit sitter rabbit sofite rabbit softie rag doll ragdoll raggedy raggedy ann raggedy doll raggedy epattern raggedy pattern rainbow red reindeer reindeer bowl filler reindeer doll reindeer epattern reindeer ornie reindeer pattern reindeer softie rest in peace rip sam sam bowl filler sam doll sam epattern sam ornie sam pattern santa santa bowl filler santa claus santa doll santa epattern santa hanger santa head santa ornament santa ornie santa pattern santa sitter sash scare crow scarecrow scarecrow doll scarecrow epattern scarecrow pattern sew sew pattern sewing sewing epattern sewing pattern shamrock shamrock ornie shamrock pattern sharmrock epattern sitter skates skeleton skeleton bowl filler skeleton doll skeleton epattern skeleton ornie skeleton pattern snow snow epattern snow pattern snowman snowman angel snowman bowl filler snowman craft snowman doll snowman epattern snowman ornament snowman ornie snowman ornnie snowman pattern snowman sitter snowman softie snowmen softie spider spider epattern spider pattern spring spring epattern spring pattern squirrel squirrel bowl fillers squirrel ornies squirrels st patrick st patricks st patricks ornie st patty st patty ornie st pattys star stitchery stocking summer summer doll summer epattern summer pattern sunflower sunflower epattern sunflower patern sunflower pattern tag thanks giving doll thanksgiving thanksgiving bowl filler thanksgiving doll thanksgiving epatten thanksgiving epattern thanksgiving ornie thanksgiving pattern thanksgiving turkey tombstone tuck turkey turkey bowl filler turkey doll turkey epattern turkey ornie turkey pattern uncle uncle sam uncle same united states usa usa epattern usa pattern valentine valentine book valentine bowl filler valentine doll valentine epattern valentine journel valentine ornie valentine pattern valentine softie valentine stitchery valentine stocking Valentine's Valentine's Day whimsy white wings winter winter doll winter epattern winter pattern witch witch boot witch bowl filler witch cat witch doll witch door hanger witch epattern witch head witch ornie witch patter witch pattern witch softie wool wool epattern wool pattern wreath wreath epattern wreath pattern yarn