Chestnut Junction primitive doll, craft, sewing, stitchery and embroidery ePatterns

Easter & Rabbits

Primitive Easter and Rabbits Epatterns by Chestnut Junction
View all animal animal epattern animal pattern april art bird black rabbit bow bowl filler bowl filler epattern bowl filler pattern bun bunny bunny doll bunny epattern bunny ornie bunny pattern bunny rabbit bunny softie carrot carrot bowl filler carrot epattern carrot onie carrot ornie carrot pattern chestnut chestnut junction chick chick bowl filler chick epattern chick ornie chick pattern chicken chicks cotton cottontail country doll craft craft epattern craft pattern crafts crafts pattern cute doll doll epattern doll pattern dress e-pattern eagg easter easter bowl filler easter bunny easter carrot easter chick easter crafts easter doll easter egg easter eggs easter epattern easter garland easter ornie easter pattern easter plushie easter rabbit easter sitter easter softie egg egg bowl filler egg epattern egg ornie egg pattern eggs eggs epattern eggs pattern epattern flower flower epattern flower pattern folk handmade hare holiday doll holiday epattern holiday pattern jesus junction lamb ornie ornie epattern ornie pattern pattern peep peter pin keep pin keep epattern pin keep pattern pink pinkeep pinkeep epattern pinkeep pattern polka dot prim primitivce primitive primitive black primitive bowl filler primitive bunny primitive carrot primitive chick primitive crafting primitive crafts primitive doll primitive doll pattern primitive easter primitive egg primitive eggs primitive epattern primitive flower primitive ornie primitive pattern primitive peep primitive rabbit primitive rabbit make do primitive rag doll primitive ragdoll primitive sheep primitive spring primitive summer primitive wool rabbit rabbit bowl filler rabbit doll rabbit epattern rabbit make do rabbit makedo rabbit ornie rabbit pattern rabbit sitter rabbit sofite rabbit softie ragdoll seasonal sewing sheep sheep doll sheep epattern sheep pattern sheep softie skirt softie spring spring epattern spring pattern summer doll summer epattern summer pattern tulip vintage whimsical whimsy wool bunny wool epattern wool pattern wool rabbit