Chestnut Junction primitive doll, craft, sewing, stitchery and embroidery ePatterns

Doll and Craft ePatterns

Primitive patterns for doll, annie, black doll, animals, crafts and primitives.
View all adorable andy andy doll andy epattern andy pattern andy softie angel angel bowl filler angel doll angel epattern angel ornie angel pattern angel softie animal animal epattern animal pattern annie doll apple apple bowl filler apple ornie arrow art banana banana bowl filler banana ornie barn barnyard basket basket epattern basket pattern bee bee bowl fill bee bowl filler bee epattern bee ornie bee pattern bee softie beeskep beeskep epattern beeskep pattern bird bird bowl filler bird epattern bird ornie bird pattern black angel black angel doll black doll black doll epattern black doll pattern bowl bowl filler bowl filler epattern bowl filler pattern bunny doll bunny epattern bunny pattern candle mat cat cat bowl filler cat doll cat epattern cat ornie cat pattern cat sitter cat softie chestnut chestnut junction chic chick chicken circus colonial doll colonial horse country country annie country doll cow craft craft epattern craft pattern crafts crafts pattern crow crow bowl filler crow doll crow epattern crow ornament crow ornie crow pattern cupcake cupcake craft cupcake epattern cupcake pattern Cupid cute cute annie daisy Day doll doll epattern doll pattern doll pdf door hanger door hanger epattern door hanger pattern e pattern e-pattern easter easter bunny easter doll easter epattern easter ornie easter pattern easter rabbit easter sitter elephant embroidery epattern embroidery pattern epattern fake food epattern fake food pattern farm farmhouse farmhouse epattern farmhouse pattern february filler floral flower flower epattern flower pattern flowers folk folkart bird food epattern food pattern frog frog bowl filler frog doll frog epattern frog ornament frog ornie frog pattern frog softie fruit hand hand made raggedy handmade harvest heart heart epattern heart pattern highland homespun hooking epattern hooking pattern horse horse bowl filler horse epattern horse ornament horse ornie horse pattern horse softie house junction lady bug ladybug ladybug epattern ladybug pattern lamb lemon love market monkey bowl filler monkey craft monkey epattern monkey ornament monkey ornie monkey pattern monkey softie Moo mouse mouse bowl filler mouse epattern mouse ornie mouse pattern mouse softie needle punch needlepunch old doll ornament ornie ornie epattern ornie pattern pattern pear pear bowl filler pear epattern pear ornie pear pattern peep pig doll pig epattern pig pattern pig pdf pin keep pin keep epattern pin keep pattern pineapple pineapple embroidery pineapple epattern pineapple pattern pineapple sampler pineapple stitchery pinkeep pinkeep epattern pinkeep pattern plush plushie prairie doll prairie shoe primitive primitive andy primitive angel primitive annie primitive basket primitive bee primitive beeskep primitive bird primitive black primitive black angel primitive black doll primitive bowl filler primitive bug primitive bunny primitive cat primitive cat epattern primitive cat pattern primitive crafting primitive crafts primitive crow primitive cupcake primitive doll primitive doll pattern primitive door hanger primitive easter primitive embroidery primitive epattern primitive flower primitive flowers primitive frog primitive heart primitive hearts primitive hooking primitive horse primitive lady primitive mat primitive monkey primitive mouse primitive ornie primitive pattern primitive pear primitive pig primitive piggy primitive pin keep primitive pineapple primitive pinkeep primitive punch primitive rabbit primitive raccoon primitive rag doll primitive ragdoll primitive raggedy primitive raggedy ann primitive sewing primitive sheep primitive shoe primitive skunk primitive spring primitive star primitive stitchery primitive summer primitive valentine primitive wool punch epattern punch needle punch pattern punchneedle rabbit rabbit doll rabbit epattern rabbit pattern raccoon raccoon doll raccoon epattern raccoon pattern raccoon softie rag doll ragdoll raggedy raggedy ann raggedy doll raggedy epattern raggedy pattern rat red rug hooking sew sewing sewing epattern sewing pattern shabby shabby chic shabby chic pig sheep sheep bowl filler sheep doll sheep epattern sheep ornie sheep pattern sheep softie shoe bowl filler shoe decoration shoe epattern shoe ornament shoe ornie shoe pattern skunk skunk epattern skunk ornie skunk pattern skunk softie snowman ornnie spring spring epattern spring pattern star bowl filler star ornie star pattern stitchery epattern stitchery mat stitchery pattern Strawberry summer summer epattern summer pattern toad turtle craft turtle epattern turtle pattern turtle softie valentine valentine bowl filler valentine doll valentine epattern valentine ornie valentine pattern vintage vintage pattern vintage pig whimsy wool bunny wool epattern wool pattern wool rabbit yellow