Chestnut Junction primitive doll, craft, sewing, stitchery and embroidery ePatterns

Christmas & Santa

Primitive Christmas and Santa Epatterns by Chestnut Junction
View all animal animal epattern animal pattern Annie annie doll antler art bear berry berry epattern berry pattern black santa bowl filler bread bulb bulb pattern candle candle epattern candle pattern candles candy candy cane candy cane bowl filler candy cane epattern candy cane ornie candy cane pattern candycane candycane epattern candycane pattern cane cat cat bowl filler cat doll cat epattern cat ornie cat pattern chestnut chestnut junction christ christmas christmas bowl filler christmas bulb christmas candle christmas craft christmas crafts christmas doll christmas door hanger christmas elf christmas epattern christmas ornament christmas ornie christmas pattern christmas reindeer christmas santa claus claus epattern claus pattern Cloth Doll country Crafting crafts crow crow bowl filler crow epattern crow pattern crown ornie cute deer doll doll epattern doll pattern e-pattern elf elf bowl filler elf doll elf epattern elf ornie elf pattern elves epattern folk folkart ginger ginger bread gingerbread gingerman hand hand made santa handmade hat holiday holiday doll holiday epattern holiday pattern holly holly berry hollyberry ice jingle jingle bell jolly junction jute light light epattern light pattern made make do man ornament ornie pattern penguin penguin bowl filler penguin doll penguin epattern penguin ornie penguin pattern primitive primitive acorn primitive americana primitive annie primitive bear primitive candle primitive candy cane primitive cat primitive christmas primitive claus primitive crafting primitive crafts primitive doll primitive doll pattern primitive elf primitive epattern primitive pattern primitive penguin primitive raggedy primitive raggedy ann primitive reindeer primitive sant primitive santa primitive santa doll primitive santa epattern primitive santa pattern primitive sewing primitive winter raggedy raggedy ann raggedy doll raggedy pattern red reindeer reindeer bowl filler reindeer doll reindeer epattern reindeer ornie reindeer pattern reindeer softie rudolf santa santa bowl filler santa claus santa doll santa epattern santa hanger santa head santa ornament santa ornie santa pattern santa sitter santaclaus sew sewing sewing epattern sewing pattern skates snow snowman st nick tree whimsy winter winter doll winter epattern winter pattern